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April 08, 2007




what a great concept, to make a pattern with the idea to make cd sewing and using accessible and easy for everyone. the dipes looks lovely and i hope you are on the road to feeling better.

Barbara C.

Do they still sell plain diapers?---not the prefold but the kind you fold up yourself into your favorite shape. My "baby" is 31 yrs. old so I'm way out....I had five children though and I bet I could fold a piece of oblong birdseye into a fluffy trapazoid shape in ten seconds!!!
Barbara C.

Barb Tidewell.

Such cute and adorable looking cloth diapers!!! My what a change from the old style of cotton fold flats I used on my little ones!

I remember we had three children in diapers at the same time- a toddler and twin baby boys... then along came our adopted baby girl!

Suddenly I was thrust into the world of multiples, and I kept all four in nothing but plain old cotton cloth diapers (rectangles), with pins and rubber pants! I had to... it wasn't an option but rather a neccessity!

With four little bums in diapers I quickly mastered the fine art of assembly line diaper changing, and in a real hurry!

Once I had all four babies spread out and lined up on the floor or on my bed in a neat row side by side, I would swiftly whisk off everyone's rubber pants one after another- setting each baby's pair of rubber pants off to the righthand side of them, so as to keep track of who's rubber pants I was putting on who again, when I got done doing all the diapering and pinning!

Then with the speed and dexterity that only the hands and fingers of a well honed and experienced cloth diaper changing mama could possess, I would go about unlatching and plucking all the diaper pins from everyone's diapers- as if removing petals from a flower, change all the diapers, re-fasten everyone's diapers again with pins- two per baby- (one on each side) and without ever poking anyone may I add, then pull everyone's rubber pants back on again... and in most cases I was able to accomplish the entire feat in under 5 minutes flat, providing I was dealing with wet diapers only!

I could literally make those diapers and rubber pants sing when I changed them, because I changed them so fast! Those were the days!

Keep up the great work making all those lovely cloth diapers! Great blog!

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